December 13, 2008

Memories of Old Pakistan

Pindi Station 1885

Pindi Point Murree 1861

Murree Mall Road 1861

Lahore Railway Station 1886

Lahore Power Plant 1886

Lahore – Badshahi Mosque 1864

Lahore Fort 1864

Lahore Entrance 1886

Exhibition Building Lahore (Tollington Market) 1864

Lahore - View from the fort 1864

Napier Mole Bridge to Keamari karach 1900

Frere Street, Saddar Bazaar Karachi 1900

Karachi City 1900

Karachi : Victoria Road 1900

Bridge of Boats and Fort over Indus at Attock, 1863

Pakistan Old Pictures slideshow Video


  1. These are nice picks. Especially murree will be look most beautiful then now. Nice work to push as back in memories. Man lives to become a memory!!!

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  3. kea bat hi yar good work nice pics