April 6, 2009

Flogging 17 Years old girl publicly in Swat, Pakistan. Is this true Video

Please watch the video first of this incident in Swat, if you haven't seen that.

It is totally wrong, inhumane, illogical provided approximately one has really done something like that, in the name of Islam and sharia. I am frightened at the base of the propaganda machine of the CIA of the United States warlords and their agents in the region, who have to justify wars, violence and bloodshed in the region of U.S. Dollars blood.

Many Muslim scholars during the discussion on television agreed that in Islam and the Shariah, it is extreme punishment of 100 lashes for adultery only, subject to proper procedure, defense, solid evidence and 04 / true witness (who saw sex).

A few years ago, some Western journalists have been captured in Quetta (Pakistan), they made false film about Osama bin Laden to prove its presence in Pakistan. Similarly, the horrible films / stories floated and given wide coverage, before the invasion of Afghanistan after September 11 and Iraq. And if this movie is FAKE like Iraq of weapons of mass destruction?

Well I come from the tribal area, currently living in Karachi. Each organ of respect for women among the Pashtuns. No treat women like that. We need to know exactly

  • Who is this girl?
  • Who were three people, hitting / holding the girl?
  • Does it offend?
  • Were it given track?
  • Is it possible to walk easily after securing more than 30 lashes?
  • During this incident actaully happened? The 3rrd January 2009 or 10 months earlier?
  • Is there a delay in notification of this incident? If there is delay, what is the significance of the date of Vedio clip?
  • Why can not the media not to contact the girl or the persons / hitting her or any witnesses?
  • Zardari will use this incident as an excuse to delay / avioding the signing of the peace swat bill?
  • Why USA still resist the peace process in the region? United States was happier Swat peace?
  • Are U.S. Dollars Blood for our ruling elite conditioned to use violence, force to transform the entire region area of endless war?
  • Why not Vedio clips of Women / Children killed by Drone attacks pope gave the order?
  • Is there an agenda of the media to hide the atrocities of Mount Everest in the West / UK / US / NATO / CIA with the so-called Taliban crazy, stupid and idiot-tion, in the name of Islam.
  • Why there are no clips on Vedio U-tube/blogs/FaceBook/Orkut groups with regard to NATO, the United States, the CIA, the drug trade and their atrocities while at the same time There are a lot about the army and the ISI Pak. Plz note I hate Mush / Zardari / Karzai and his colleagues of murder in cold blood / rogue / CIA agents.

Zardari delayed the signing of peace provides the bill until peace is restored in Swat. Zardari wants to scrap the deal to obtain U.S. DOLLARS BLOOD pleasant by the U.S. with Pakistan / Muslim blood. This incident gave him an excellent opportunity for scraping Deal.

United States are not happy SWAT peace. As he continues to want BLOOD GAME Pakistan and bleed Pak army as possible. And others want to create civil war in Pakistan and increasing the Baluch Pashtuns against Pakistan.

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