April 3, 2009

Taliban Of Swat, Pakistan beating the Women in Public

Watch the video below and see the real face of these Pakistani Taliban. They just beating the 17 years old girl in public with the help of her relatives.

The amateur video, apparently shot on a mobile phone, shows the girl, wearing a blue burqa, lying on the ground face down. Her legs, hands and head are held by two men and a third, bearded man wearing a turban is shown whipping her repeatedly.

After the first couple of lashes, the girl starts to scream loudly, but no one moves to help her. ‘Please, please,’ she shouts in Pushto. ‘Stop it, please. For God’s sake, stop it, I am dying.’

A man off-camera is giving orders to his companions. ‘Hold her feet tightly. Lift her burqa a bit.’

The public flogging continued for several minutes, after which the wailing girl is dragged by a group of armed men to a nearby building. The man holding the hands of this girl is her brother. So her relatives are also included in this shameful act.

According to Jang (The largest news group is Pakistan) that her cousin who wants to marry her was included in this act. He wants to marry her but she denied to do so. He joined the Tailban and he was looking for any time to revenge of his insult. On that day a worker came to her home in order to make work on electric motor. But he reached her home with the group of taliban and said that they have a relations. And than this shameful incident took place.

The government of Pakistan is saying that the incident was on 3rd Jan 2009 before the shariat in Swat. But the people of swat saying that it was 2-3 weeks ago.

These Taliban is making their own government in Pakistan. And they want their power and rules in Pakistan

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  1. Taliban publicly whipped a teenage girl in a mediaeval fashion on the charge of her being involved in illicit relations here.

    According to the video received by the media, the girl wearing red dress was forced upside down on the floor and she was seen whipped on the hip.

    Local people said that this 17 year married woman was punished for flesh trade and this incident had taken place six months ago in Kabal area.(geo.tv)

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  3. This is really really condemnable. How they hell some one owns a right to beat some one like this. Is this what we name as DEMOCRACY!!!! ? These are the people who are just defaming our nation. I am sure they have not done any good to our nation ever in their stinky f*c*ing life. Mentally retarded bastards. They should be killed. Simply beat that fucking bastard in the same way, then let him make his ass rest on fire and then Kill him to show him what the real Hell feels like!!

  4. i am sure100% this is "saazish" against Pakistan and Islam caz USA want drowns attacks on Pakistan.

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  6. These people are animals and must be exterminated like the filthy rats they are. The need to be annilated......call it a holocaust of dirty nothings if you like!