June 26, 2009

Pakistan First Strategic Think Tank Report: Exclusive: The Reality of Drone Attacks

The reality of the drone attacks on Pakistan has been kept hidden from the eyes of the common man. Pakistan First's Strategic Think Tank now reveals the truth. People of Pakistan deserve to know the truth. They have a right to information which affects them and which has put them in mortal danger.

The pictures shown below are Pakistan First exclusive and we present them not to discredit our government, but to urge them to come out with the truth. They need to take the people of Pakistan into confidence. This way we, the people, will stand behind them tomorrow and will support them with people power.

Drone attacks are carried out in Pakistani territory with Government of Pakistan's support, our research report concludes. (The report can be obtained with re-print permissions.) The Pakistan Air Force has all the technical capacity and skills to take down the drones. This has been stated by the current and former Air Chiefs many times. It is a mere political decision that remains to be taken. The statistics, which were confirmed by our sources, are that around 23 terrorists (or high value targets) were killed with 800 civilian causalities.

These drone attacks are important in many ways, but they should only be done by Pakistani Authorities. We urge the government of Pakistan to acquire this technology and use it on Pakistan 's indigenously built UAVs or drones, such as Uqaab and Jasoos. If such transfer of technology is not possible, then these drone attacks should be stopped immediately, as they are causing more harm than good. In simple terms, the collateral damage and price we are paying is too high. These drone attacks are becoming a cause of terrorism, rather than a means of stopping it.

The partners of Pakistan in this war on terror, not only need to provide Pakistan with better and long term financial support, but also better technology. In this way, we can win the war against terrorism as neither Pakistan nor the world has the option of losing it. Simply put, our allies need to do more!

Now let us show you where they are parked:

But where do they fly from?

Wars are not won by spreading fear, but by winning hearts.

Keeping National Interest First!


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