December 14, 2009

Prime minister’s ayashiyan aur ghareeb awam

I will not exaggerate on anything by myself or I would be convicted as a biased person. Kindly watch the video given and hear it yourself.

The daily allowance of our Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani is Rs. 30 lacks. I am not sure what he is doing with that much money. On the other hand, people are dying because of poverty, they are frustrated due to the escalating prices of the household commodities, the country is going through a slum, the army is waging a war, or shall I say waging numerous wars at every corner of our country, we have unemployment, worst law and order situation, the Transparency International has labeled us as the 42nd most corrupt nation, etc etc etc.

However, our prime minister is enjoying life with a daily expense allowance of Rs. 30 lacs. No wonder he doesn’t care about the poor people. Why should he? When he is able to suck their hard earned money and enjoy all by himself.


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