June 23, 2011

Freelance Writing Jobs in Pakistan

Doing extra work is the way to go in this day and age especially if you want to earn an extra amount of money. With the rising prices of food and other basic commodities, it is not surprising that the trend is becoming the rule now rather than an exception. And more and more people are actually looking for additional sources of income especially if you have many mouths to feed.

Most are now working for more hours than they should be, holding more than one job at a time. Some who have to render long hours of time in their regular work, use their day off or the weekends to do some extra work. Some work on the local cinema or mall for a few hours while others do some babysitting on the side after office hours.

One of the alternative for people who wish to make extra money is to do freelancing. Most say that freelancing is actually better than holding part time jobs. This is especially true with writers by profession who can actually make use of their talent and their expertise to earn extra pay.

Writers are very much in demand these days because of the rising demands for their services in websites. Writers are needed to do online content and to update websites in order to boost site visits and viewerships. The pay is oftentimes better and the hours are not so long. Some even do freelancing for full-time.

But before you decide to venture into the professional world of freelance writing, read on. Below are some of the advantages that freelance writing jobs have.

Flexible hours

Freelance writing do not have a prescribed schedule. You will not be asked to render a specific number of hours. This means that you own your time and you will determine the schedule that you will have for a specific time period. Often freelance writers will be given a specific time period in which they can finish the assignments. The shorter the time period given, the higher the pay. In fact, they can actually negotiate for the pay if the assignment is a rush one.

Because of the flexible hours, freelance writers can do several assignments in one day and accept more than one freelancing assignments at one time. This will mean higher income for them and of course no stress to do finish the job. This of course will depend on how you will manage your time.

Family matters

Freelancing is also a viable option for people who can have to take care of children or who need to do something for the family. This is especially true with women who need to be at home to take care of the children. Freelancing is a good option to earn money and still stay at home. After all, you can just write almost anywhere.

Training while earning

Compared to other part time jobs that you can do, doing freelance writing jobs will allow you to use what you are already doing. This will allow you to increase your knowledge and to widen your experience. Your part time work will also enable you to practice what you know and use your expertise. What is more, every freelance writing job that you do is a feather in your cap, which you can add up to your credentials.

Where to find Writing Jobs

Freelancer aka rentacoder is famous freelance website, where you can find writing jobs. On Freelancer, 5994 writing jobs were posted during 01-01-2013 to 30-07-2013 (7 months) means about 29 projects daily. The maximum writing project payout is $8728.13, and average payout is $60.57 in these 7 months.

As SEO is becoming one of the famous technique now a days, and after Google Panda Algorithms, unique content is requirement of the website owners. So most of the website owners are outsourcing, their SEO writing jobs. The payments are guaranteed in Freelancer. The employer has to escrow full payment before start of the project. And you will get the full payment, as soon as you complete the work. You can use Moneybookers to withdraw funds in Pakistan and Bangladesh, other South Asians countries like India can use Paypal for withdrawing of money. If you have any question, How to use Freelancer or how it works, post it in comments.

oDesk has more than 700000 registered freelancers workers. About 2000 new jobs are posted in oDesk, which is more than any other freelance website. oDesk is widely used by the freelancers and for outsourcing. The main feature of the oDesk is that you will be paid hourly. oDesk also offer fixed price projects. But for development projects I always prefer hourly project, as we cann't estimate in start how much time will be required to complete the project. But for writing jobs, you can also bid on fixed price bids.

Like Freelancer, payments are guaranteed on the oDesk also. ODesk commission is also low as compared to Vworker.com. Pakistanis can withdraw money from Odesk using Moneybookers or Direct wire Transfer to your Bank. Indians can also withdraw money using Paypal. You can withdraw money from Odesk at any time. If you need any further information or help about oDesk, post it in comment.

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