February 7, 2010

Google Adsense vs Yahoo Publisher Network(YPN)

Google adsense vs Yahoo publisher network(YPN). Which is better and more profitable?

As everyone knows, Google adsense and Yahoo Publisher network(YPN) or in other words, Yahoo Adsense, are the leading and most popular PPC(pay-per-click) affiliate programs in the world. If you are running a website and wish to earn money online through business promotion by displaying ads on your website, then don't look any further. However the most intriguing question is that which program is the best and that which of the two offers higher profit. Well, this is a tough question to answer.
Google adsense is rated as the most prolific and market-leading PPC affiliate program in terms of affiliate base. But Yahoo is not far behind and has its own benefits too. But I have noticed that people mostly prefer the Google adsense over YPN, because of its easiness.

As we all know that, Google search engine is the best and mostly used search engine. Over 65% searches are performed on the google, thats why many website administrators uses google ads for their websites. Google ads are easy to install as compared to the YPN.

When you install or add Google ads to your website, it will look like:

And when you install the Yahoo ads it will look like almost same.

Which is better? Google adsense or YPN?
Based on analysis, Google adsense provides better CTR (click-through-rate) which means whenever a person visits your website, greater are the chances of generating clicks from the visitor. The more people visit and click the ads, the more money the advertisers will pay to the website owner. The reason is that, Google ads are more content specific and target audience better than Yahoo ads. Yahoo, on the other hand, provides a better CPC(cost-per-click). CPC is nothing but the percentage of commission the affiliate programs pays, per click. For a single click, Yahoo pays more than Google. Yahoo typically pays around 30%-40% commission for a click whereas Yahoo pays 60%-70% for a click.

Due to the above mixed features, one should decide which ads to display on their sites. If your webpage is good enough to attract substantial number of visitors per month, there won't be much of a difference between the revenue paid by Google and Yahoo, though experts say that Google can attract more number of visitors due to better content target ads. Most people regularly switch between Google adsense and Yahoo publisher ads to check which program generates better revenue for their websites.

If you have both Google adsense and Yahoo publisher affiliate accounts, I would personally suggest that you display Google ads on a set of websites and Yahoo ads on another set of websites. It's better to display Google ads on specific content oriented sites and Yahoo ads on non-content oriented sites such as entertainment sites. Users browsing non-content oriented site such as an entertainment site are more likely to click on a variety of Ads as opposed to a content visitor who is more likely to click on related topic. Since Yahoo ads are less relevant as compared to Google ads, displaying them on professional content oriented sites would not be a better idea.

Ad Repeat in YPN & AdSense
In my experience YPN repeats ads for multiple ad-blocks on the same page. Again in my experience Google AdSense doesn't do much ad repeats.

YPN allows ads in RSS feeds for all publishers unlike Google AdSense which selectively choose publishers.

Mode of Payment in YPN & Google AdSense
AdSense pays by check unless you are super-big and now they introduced the payment by Western union also, which is more convenient for non-US users. Payment through Western union is easy and fast. You don't have to pay any fee for the payment through Western union.

YPN pays by check as well as can make direct deposit to your bank Account.

Yahoo is restricted to US only publishers. You need to have SSN & US address to even apply. Google AdSense is globally available.
Important: Do not use both of them on the same pages of your site. Their terms of use prevents co-existence on the same page at the same time.


  1. hello! kia yahoo publisher network pakistan main accont open hota hain.

  2. @Jamal, meray kiyal main nahin. You can use Google Ads, When you amount will reach $100. Google will send you that money through Western union without any fee or commission of WU. Any more question please ask me.

  3. I have a question and i have become mad in finding one fitting answer to that.

    I made a google adsense account a year ago. i forgot the password and now when i try to make a new account for google adsense my address is the same which creates problems for me. can i give a different address as well and receive the money in western union. i am really worried. please help me with that. struggling.

  4. nauman bhai mera adsense account disapprrove ho jata ha bar bar... what should i do??

  5. @soft Khan, I have heard that, Google is not approving the new accounts, especially of countries like Pakistanis. And this issue is for about more than 6 months now.

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  7. how can u establish a franchise of google in pakistan.....

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