February 11, 2010

Guitar Lessons, Learn how to play the Guitar professionally

Whether you are an amateur or a professional guitar player, you will agree that you can never say that there’s nothing more you can learn in playing the guitar. There’s always one more guitar lesson you have to learn in order to become even more proficient. One should never underestimate the power and the advantages of practice, and practice is the only way you can become an ace in playing the guitar. Let this be the first guitar lesson you take! Practice, practice, practice.

If you’re a beginner, the first things you want to do are become familiar with the guitar and learn its anatomy. When someone tells you to turn the second tuner on the head, you shouldn’t start pulling your ears. You should know where the tuners are, which the fretboard is and which the bridge is, and so on. Do not underestimate this first guitar lesson. It is very useful to know the main things about the guitar. You also want to learn how the frets, strings and fingers are numbered as this is vital in learning the right techniques when you’re a beginner. When your teacher (or the book you’re learning from) tells you to pick string 1, with finger 1, on the first fret, you should know exactly what he means.

The second guitar lesson for any beginner should be the stringing and tuning of a guitar. Stringing is a fairly easy process. Tuning the guitar, however, can prove to be a little more difficult for beginners as you should know how string A, for example, should sound. That’s mainly the reason why the usage of a guitar tuner is recommended until you become familiar with the notes. This is a guitar lesson that you can find in any book or online guitar lessons site.

The third and longest guitar lesson (most probably a lifetime if you’re really passionate about it) is the actual playing of the guitar. As any player can tell you, it’s mainly about technique and passion. You can master the technique by continuous practice and feed your passion by playing extensively. And this is the most important guitar lesson you’ll ever learn, that it’s not always about the talent, but most importantly, it’s about how determined you are to play the guitar.

Guitar lessons can differ from one player to another, because you have: acoustic guitar lessons, and electric guitar lessons. If you’re a classical music guitar player, you should know the correct position when playing, the right way to hold the guitar, and the right to pick the strings with your right hand fingers. If you’re playing electric guitar, you have to know the right way to hold the pick and the best techniques to achieve the speed you want. These are all guitar lessons that are available on the Internet and in every guitar lesson book ever written. These are the essentials and if a book does not contain this information don’t buy it and go look for one that does.

And then there are the ‘fine tuning’ guitar lessons where you learn how to play the guitar in several styles, such as jazz, bossa nova, rock, rock and roll, country, and so on. But in the end you’ll end up having your own personal style and that’s when you’ll know you have learned your guitar lessons well.

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