November 6, 2011

iPad 2 Review - Incredible and Unique Apple Product

Apple’s iPad 2 is a second generation version of the original or initial tablet computer. It is solely developed and marketed by Apple Corporation. Its main function is to serve as a substitute of the conventional personal computers and laptops. Consequently, it is used as a multi-audio and visual playback device for music, games, movies and internet content. Many Pakistani people have subscribed to the services of Apple products.

Apple iPad 2

Apple first released the iPad 2 in early March and the sales skyrocketed on website retails. The day the iPad was unveiled was so thrilling and is still memorable in the minds of technological technocrats. It is a device that has greatly reinvented the technology industry in the world and more precisely in Pakistan. Every media enthusiast hopes that with the creation of the iPad, the gap between Smartphones, laptops and personal computers will drastically narrow out.

The most amazing iPad features that make it stand out tall include two cameras that can be used either for video recording or face time, a dual core chip, light design and a wide range of over two hundred software applications. The second generation iPad features are way advanced than what was previously witnessed in the earlier versions.

The device has a full touch screen display with a high resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. The screen is made of high quality glass that is resistant to scratch. Also, the screen does not stain with finger prints. The display screen has been modified to respond to any environmental changes and work in four different orientations. The device’s design is such that it can easily be controlled and manipulated by use of fingers alone.

Some unique specs about the device are its capability to connect to the internet via Wi-Fi or 3G network channels. In addition, the device has internal speakers at the bottom right corner. It also has a microphone that is mainly used for making online calls and recording of audio or voice data. Furthermore, the device has an in-built Bluetooth which has greatly enhanced the use of wireless accessories like headphones. The specs of Apple products are usually in top gear and no customer is ever left unsatisfied by any of the products.

Apple iPad 2

The uses of iPad are many and varied. These uses are not limited to the price of the device but are determined by the environment of use and the consumers’ needs. It has found many uses in Pakistani business circles and especially at the workplace. Research shows that its use has greatly improved production capacities of both employees and the business organization in Pakistan.

Furthermore, the device has found unlimited applications in the education sector, health care, sports and music industries. Truly, its invention and ultimate development has been so revolutionary in the technology industry which has seen new developments cropping up every single passing moment.

Before the release of the iPad, there was a lot of speculation about its introductory price. Many of the critics were utterly shocked when the introductory prices of the various models were set lower than had been speculated. It has been a great gift to the Pakistani people as it is fairly priced.

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