November 17, 2011

oDesk Review - Freelancing The Way of Being Self-Reliant

Everyone wants to self-reliant. There are many ways to do it. The best way to achieve the independence is through business. Now worlds one of the greatest businesses is freelancing. It is the greatest way to be self-reliant. It is an online job. There are a lot of freelancer websites. You can get work in those websites. There are lot types of works in freelancing. There are jobs like article writing, web page developing, and graphic designing, etc. oDesk is one of those freelancing website. People all over the world are working in oDesk. As like the people of other countries, the Pakistani people are also getting interested in freelancing. There are a lot of oDesk members from Pakistan. So the Pakistanis are now getting introduced with freelancing. They are now very much interested in oDesk.

Odesk started their work in the year 2003. That means this website was established in the year 2003. Its head quarter is in Redwood City of California. So there are a lot of people who are behind this website as well as company.

How Odesk Works

Starting with oDesk is very easy. There are only a few steps for getting started. At first, you will have to go to the website of oDesk, which is Then you will have to sign up there. You will found two types of profile. Those are employers and contractors. So it is very easy to start. You will have to choose your section.

If you are a worker and you will take works from other, then you will have to choose the contractor profile. If you have works and need people to do that, then you will have to start with the employer profile. There are some basic information which will you need to provide at the time of starting. After signing up your work will be started. The profile for normal outsourcer is contractor profile.

As there are a lot of new workers in this website, especially from Pakistan so they will need to know the process of getting work. There are some difficulties in this section. You will have to keep patience. After logging in the website, you will be able to see a lot of works there. You will have to find works suitable for you. You will have to bid for the works. The fact of bidding is different here. It is not true that the lowest bidder will get the work. You will have to get your profile complete. Then you can start biding. Keen patience and you will get your work.

Withdraw Money from Odesk

After completing the work, you will have to submit it to your employer. If the work is perfect, then you will receive payment in your oDesk account. You will have to withdraw the money from there. In Pakistan, there are some simple ways to take the money. You will need to use moneybookers. If you have a moneybookers account, then you will have to connect it with your oDesk account and your local bank account will have to be connected with your moneybookers account. Then you will get your money. There is also another system called wire transfer. In this process, odesk will send money to your bank account directly. The charge of money bookers is 1$ per transaction and 4$ on wire transfer. So now you know everything about oDesk. You can start business now.

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