September 9, 2010

Facebook vs Google Plus - Who will win?

Facebook and Google are two prominent giants in the field of internet or virtual world. The statistics linking the two is so worryingly awe-inspiring, that if you blackout these service providers of internet, it will be like closing the internet service itself. These are not slightly the same. In fact, looking at both the websites it can be seen that the services provided by both the sites are totally different the only thing common in them is that both are only found on web.

Let us start differentiating between the two.

Google, as a company, specializes in search engine functions. When one refers to Google, they usually imply search engine. However, Google has endeavored into many services of applications such as online mapping, email, office productivity, video sharing, and web browsers amid further things. Recently, Google has jumped into mobile devices, mainly into operating systems of smart phones.

Google was founded a decade ago around 1998 and in September 2009, it had nearly 19765 employees working full time. Google has thousands of servers, scattered all around the world, to process millions of search queries each day. Basically, Google is a company which functions more on internet based application. On the other hand Facebook is mainly a social networking website. It is made for exactly this purpose, and it is similar to other highly popular sites, such as MySpace, Bebo, Orkut, Friendster etc. With Facebook, registered users can connect with friends and community groups. Users can post statuses, edit profiles, and notify friends. Sharing media is allowed on Facebook.

Facebook rise to popularity and success was a first one, and within just a few years since its launching, it overtook MySpace, which was leading social networking site at that time. Facebook was launched in February 2004, and currently has more than 350 million users worldwide. If you compare the number of employees working in Facebook Inc. to Google then it will be a very huge difference and it is the same case with the revenue also. Facebook Inc. had an estimated 300 million dollars in 2008, but it was dwarfed by Google’s whooping 21.796 billion dollars in the same year. However, Google was launched long before than Facebook.

Google’s occupation is more assorted, as it gives out so many services which are not even thought at in Facebook. However, Facebook is mounting to new perspectives, and may employ in new deals. As of now, Facebook is progressively growing to new potentials.

  • Google has more diverse functions than Facebook.
  • In their respective sites, Google is a search engine, while Facebook is social networking.
  • Google started earlier, about six years before Facebook.
  • Google’s number of employees is very high compared to Facebook.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook

  • Makes it less difficult when communicating with strangers or individuals that you don’t know.
  • Makes it simpler to join groups having corresponding likes and dislikes.

  • Long distance association weakening.
  • Supplies wide choice of procrastination.
  • Connections are labeled as friends.
  • Lets users to search for old and new friends.
  • Available to chosen universities having a high level of

Advantages and disadvantages of Google

  • They have built chrome the world’s fastest browser. (Windows compared with IE and all standard browsers such as Opera Firefox and safari)
  • They are creating a programming language “go” which is supposed to compile like ‘C’ and program like ‘java’.
  • They are creating a transmission protocol called SPDY (speedy) that is supposed to make the internet twice as fast. (This is their final goal).
  • They are Creating Google wave. A new way email is looked at.

  • They have built the most insecure browser chrome which does not delete all the cache even though it says so.
  • They have created android but forgot how to beat Microsoft Windows mobile. If they are aware the OS is still as its downfall.

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